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Tummy Time! A High-Contrast Fold-Out Board Book

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What a perfect gift for newborn babies!
Tummy time - placing a baby on his or her stomach only while awake and supervised - can help your baby develop strong neck and shoulder muscles, and promote motor skills." - Mayo Clinic.

This book will keep babies' brains busy, too, while their muscles are hard at work. The high-contrast images on one side are mesmerizing because, although young babies' vision is blurry, they can see bold patterns with sharp light-dark contrast and saturated colour. 

Babies are love to recognize faces, so there are baby photos on the other side to delight your baby, and an embedded mirror - because babies cannot resist looking at themselves! 

The book can be spread out in front of them, or read like a book so you can enjoy reading time together."

Mama Makes Books is a small, creative company producing children's books with love, for children, for books, and for the planet.

Award-winning, Bank Street College of Education, Best Book of 2023

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