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Welcome to Atlantic Canada's Baby Store!

Snappi Diaper Fastener - 3 PACK

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The Snappi Diaper Fastener has revolutionized cloth diapering! This PINLESS diaper fastener offers a practical and reliable way to fasten a cloth diaper. It is made from a stretchable, non-toxic material in a T-shape with grips on each end. These grips hook into the diaper and works with tension to ensure a snug fitting diaper with enough natural movement for baby.

Reasons to use the Snappi Diaper Fastener:

  • Safer than pins, no more accidental pinpricks for baby or caregiver!
  • Helps keep your baby's diaper fitting snugly to prevent leaks.
  • Durable, no snaps to become brittle or rust, no Velcro to attract every piece of lint in sight.
  • Economical, inexpensive and is created specifically for use with flat, pre-folded or contour diapers.


  1. ALWAYS use a cover when using a Snappi Fastener on your baby's diaper.
  2. Keep out of children's reach when not in use!
  3. Do not cut your Snappi. This could create weak spots in your Snappi.
  4. INSPECT your Snappi before each use and discontinue use immediately if there is any sign of cracking, tearing, breakage or wear of the teeth or any other parts.
  5. Do not use your Snappi for longer than 6 months.
  6. Do not leave your Snappi lying in the sun. It is not UV resistant and this can reduce the effectiveness of the Snappi.
  7. The best way to clean your Snappi is to wash in warm soapy water. Do not launder them with diapers in the washer as this may weaken the grip attachment.


  1. STRETCH the Snappi fastener before its first use. The stretching triggers the 'memory' of the Snappi to return to its original size and in so doing, pulls the diaper together to the middle to allow for a snug fit. This is essential for the Snappi to work properly. This can be done by holding the Snappi in the centre with one hand and close to the end of the leg (not by the rings) with the other hand and s-t-r-e-t-c-h a few times (10 or so). As you do this you should feel how the material 'softens' or gets more elastic. Follow this stretching procedure with each leg. The Snappi is then ready to go!
  2. Make sure that your Snappi is ATTACHED SECURELY. It is important that the Snappi 'leg' being attached be stretched across the diaper before hooking it into the diaper. So, Hook Left, Stretch ACROSS and Hook Right, Stretch DOWN and Hook Centre. In other words, the Snappi fastener should go from a "T" shape to a "Y" shape.

By following these instructions, the Snappi should be secure, the diaper will fit snugly and the baby should not be able to undo it. ALWAYS place a cover over the diaper and Snappi fastener. CAUTION: Improper use can cause injury or pose a choking hazard.

Please note: Snappis work best with diapers made of cotton, cotton terry, cotton prefolds and other loosely woven fabrics. They DO NOT work well with flannel or other tightly woven diapers, including most hemp diapers.

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