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WELCOME to NURTURED - Atlantic Canada's Locally Owned Baby Store!
WELCOME to NURTURED - Atlantic Canada's Locally Owned Baby Store!

Tattoos That Teach - Booklet of Tattoos

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Tattoos: Snakes


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Kids will love adorning themselves with the stunning specimens found in these tattoo booklets. Accompanied by fascinating facts about each tattoo depiction, the tattoos come in sheets and are ready to be applied with a damp cloth, offering bright, bold body art.

Choose from:

Fluttery, Friendly Tattoo Butterflies and Other Insects with eighty-one  (81) illustrated temporary tattoos to introduce creatures with amazing colours and realistic features.  The  brilliant blue Cypris Morpho Butterfly is sure to be first and the  Garden Tiger Moth, the Jewel Beetle, and the Peacock Pansy Butterfly will be fascinating to learn about. 

Creepy, Crawly Tattoo Bugs treats you to sixty (60) frighteningly realistic temporary tattoos, from the Cobalt Blue Tarantula to the Deathstalker Scorpion, Flesh Fly, Hickory Horned Devil, and the Two-Spotted Assassin Bug, along with cool facts about each critter. 

Super, Strong Tattoo Sharks features fifty (50) temporary tattoos of astonishing sharks, from the tiny dwarf lantern shark to the giant, plankton-eating whale shark, plus cool facts about each fearsome fish. 

Roaring, Rumbling Tattoo Dinosaurs features fifty (50) temporary tattoos depicting dinosaurs as scientists think they might have looked, along with fascinating facts about each one. 


Cute, Cuddly Cats & Kittens features fifty (50) temporary tattoo designs for cat-loving kids, featuring all colours and breeds of kittens and cats in playful poses. Kids love showing off their cat tattoos and sharing new cat knowledge.


Furry, Friendly Dogs & Puppies features sixty (60) temporary tattoos with adorable designs that dog-loving kids will enjoy. A wide range of breeds are available and irresistably cute puppies in playful poses too. Discover fun facts about breeds, behaviours and more with these learning tattoos.

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