Playing With Grimms Rainbows- A Few Different Ways

Known for its appealing design, Grimms rainbow is one of the few toys that challenge a kid’s problem-solving skills. The way it encourages children to use their imagination makes it much more than just some arches of wood.

From building a wall to creating sculpture, with this rainbow a child can integrate his playing with a lot of fantasy. If you’re a teacher or parent, to improve your child’s aptitude you may want to know about some of the ways to use this rainbow. For that reason, here’s a few different ways to use the Grimms rainbow in a much effective manner. 

But first, let’s get some basic knowledge about this rainbow. So, let’s get into it.

What Is A Grimms Rainbow?

  • Grimms rainbow is a toy that contains a large 12 piece colored rainbow. This toy was designed by a renowned German company, Grimms Spiel & Holtz Design which is more commonly known as Grimms. 
  • Grimms rainbow is available in several types including pastel, monochrome, natural, and the ten-piece rainbow, sunset. There is always an option available for everyone as the wooden rainbow comes in several sizes like small, medium, and large.
  • You’ll be delighted to know that Grimms rainbow is actually hand-crafted from lime wood and then stained with non-toxic water-based colours making it 100 percent safe. What makes Grimms rainbow stack so easily is its slightly unfinished surface. The surface is kept rough by avoiding the addition of protective varnish. It is safe for children to handle and delightful to feel the true quality of the wood.

Is Grimms Rainbow Worth The Price?

A Grimms rainbow is quite expensive as it is handmade and manufactured with quality materials, but is it worth spending a good amount of money on the toy? 

Many parents are under the impression that this rainbow is just an expensive piece of decor that sits on the shelf. But allow us to tell you that this is arguably one of the best open-ended toys that you’ll find on market. Many families save up for this toy and we’ll tell you why.

  • Grimms Rainbow is much more than a wooden showpiece, it’s a building toy, a stacking toy, and a sorting toy. It’s even perfect for imaginary play. It can be used to entertain kids and adults alike. You can construct a tunnel, a bridge, a wall, and various other intricate objects like ball mazes and animal shapes.
  • It is really helpful in giving your kids introductory concepts in to math and engineering. It will be a challenge for them to place the pieces in just the right way. Through play your child will learn much more about balance, weight, spatial awareness, and sequencing.

Even though Grimms is a German company, these are manufactured in Eastern Europe with specific forest allotment. As these rainbows are so popular, they get out of stock quite often. Grimms is very specific in the quantity they allot to the Canadian market and we are so grateful to be one of their retailers. 

So, a question might arise in your mind, “where to buy Grimms Rainbow?” and for your convenience, we've answered the same in the very next section.

Best Place to Buy Grimms Rainbow

For many parents, it’s quite difficult to find these rainbows. Luckily, we sell Grimms Rainbows all year long.

  • Our Grimm’s Large Rainbow Arc (10670) is a versatile toy that is ideal for small children. Toddlers stack, sort, and build, and as the children get older they will use it as a cradle for dolls, as a fence for animals, like a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, as a house for dwarfs, and a dollhouse for dolls.
  • In case, you need something small in size then Grimm’s Small Rainbow Arc (10760) is your perfect bet. It’s functionally similar for bigger children to its larger version. Its length is only 10.5 cm and the material used is lime wood making it lightweight and delightful to play with.

Children love exploring their rainbow. They move the pieces upside down or wobble them back and forth. As a parent, you can add a bit of fantasy to their game by making them learn about some structures you can set up using their rainbow. 

We love providing some amazing ideas to use these rainbows that will help your kid think out of the box.

Some Ideas to Use the Grimms Rainbow

  • Rainbow Tunnel

To make this, first, arrange all the pieces in descending order of their size. Now, join them all and your sculpture is ready. You can also curve all the pieces to the left to give your tunnel an innovative touch.

  • 3-D Grimms Flower

You need to sort 4 large pieces out and arrange two of them vertically and the other two horizontally over each other. Make sure these 4 pieces are facing down. Now, arrange other smaller pieces on these large pieces. Smaller pieces need to face upwards. Place the smallest piece in the middle and your flower is all set to bloom. 

  • Grimms Stepped Spiral Tower

This is another 3-D structure where you need to put every piece in descending order. Avoid their complete overlapping. Make them overlap partially to make it get a spiral shape.

  • Grimms Rainbow Smoke Tower

This is a fun way of vertically stacking the pieces in a way that the rainbow resembles smoke. You need to remember to place one small piece at the bottom to make your tower balanced.

  • Rainbow Mountain

This is the easiest sculpture that your kid can create on his own. To accomplish the task, you need to push each piece out. Do it in a manner that half of each arch is under the next piece. This will make a 3D rainbow that resembles a descending rainbow mountain.

Buy the Best Grimms Rainbow

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