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Save $75 when you Bundle with VEER until October 8

AMP Organic Hemp Fitted Diapers

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Made in Canada

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Size: Size One

AMP Hemp fitted diapers are made of two body layers of hemp fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) plus an additional layer in the wet zone making three layers of absorbency in the diaper body.

An extra three-layer hemp fleece doubler is included with each diaper making a total of 6 absorbent layers of hemp fleece! Soft stretchy elastic gathers at the legs and the back for a great leak-proof fit!

Hemp fleece is a nice stretchy fabric that will gently hug your baby. It’s a fantastic fabric for diapers as it’s very absorbent, durable and has antimicrobial properties.

Also features AMP's high quality resin snaps for ease of use and durability.

AMP hemp fitted diapers are very trim fitting and absorbent! A two-part diapering system drastically reduces drying times!

Available in two sizes for a great fit from birth to potty learning.

  • Small fits approx 8 – 16lbs
  • Large fits approx 15 – 35lbs and up

Hemp grows with much less need for water and pesticides, which means it’s not only better for baby but better for the environment as well! Hemp is also much more durable than cotton which means if you’re planning on diapering more than one baby hemp is a great choice!

More about hemp diapers:

All diapers are made entirely of organic hemp fleece which makes them extremely absorbent. Hemp is simply the best natural fabric for cloth diapers. It is more absorbent than cotton fabrics of the same weight and contains natural antibacterial properties that help reduce diaper rash. The hemp plant also requires less pesticide use during growth which reduces its overall impact on the environment.

Why is hemp so popular for diapering?

Hemp is a long-stapled fibre which provides unparalleled strength and durability. Hemp fleece is also three times as absorbent as cotton, providing greater absorbency with less bulk. Hemp can be grown quickly and sustainably without the use of pesticides as it has few natural predators, making it a healthy choice for your family and the environment. The natural antibacterial properties along with mold and mildew resistance make hemp a healthy choice for babies prone to diaper rash. Anecdotally, hemp also tends to feel less damp when wet than cotton. Hemp fleece is a looped knit that has been brushed on one side for softness, not unlike your favourite sweatshirt!

What diaper cover should I use with Hemp Fitted Diapers?

The AMP fitted is made to be very versatile and lends itself well to being used with a number of different styles of diaper covers.

Reasons to diaper your baby in AMP Hemp Fitteds:

  • Two sizes of diaper means your newborn will not be overwhelmed by the bulk of a one-size diaper.
  • Multiple snap positions, including a cross-over snap, provide a customized fit every time.
  • A separate layer soaker provides excellent absorbency where you need it most and makes for a quicker drying diaper!
  • Organic hemp fleece is naturally antibacterial, pesticide-free and the perfect sustainable fibre.
  • Made in Canada.

Please note: all hemp products require 3-4 hot washes in order to remove natural oils in the fabric and allow it to absorb properly. Hemp products can take 8-10 washes to reach full absorbency. Expect 20-25% shrinkage.


Hemp is three times more absorbent than cotton and is the perfect overnight solution! AMP Fitteds can be used with diaper covers or for an especially heavy wetter, with a wool cover because wool absorbs and is waterproof! If you need to boost absorbency, you can place extra hemp liners inside. 

Please note: Customers in NL and NB are subject to an additional 8% tax for children's clothing, menstrual products and cloth diapers. Due to system limitations this amount will be billed separately once your order is processed.

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