Never do these with your Uncle Goose Blocks

Block play is almost synonymous with ‘fun, frolic and entertainment while learning’. Counted among one of the most favorite pastime activities of children of all ages by parents (and in fact parents too!), the Uncle Goose Blocks playtime is surely their favorite part of the day. 

To top the fun time with Uncle Goose Blocks, this is also a great way of advanced learning, better growth, and building motor skills in kids. Educational learning never got this easy! Number recognition, alphabets, color memorization all get easy peasy with these blocks. Uncle Goose blocks are a great toy option given their multiple learning uses for kids.

Also, building blocks, sorting different combinations, stacking and counting techniques, spellings, sharing and caring, and much more is in store with your all time favorite Uncle Goose Blocks. The list of learning avenues that open up with these wonderful Uncle Goose blocks is actually extensive!

However, these toys - your beloved Uncle Goose Blocks do deserve their share of care and maintenance as well. Certain tips and tricks can help your child enjoy the company of these learning-enriched toys for much longer.

Here’s a compiled list of 5 ‘never-do-these’ tips that you or your child must adhere to with your colorful Uncle Goose Blocks:

Tip 1. Never share your child’s Uncle Goose blocks with pets 

Dogs, cats, and other home pets adore these blocks as much as your child does. But, they cannot be using the same Uncle Goose blocks! Your pets destroy the Uncle Goose Blocks by chewing, which is a common complaint about replacement. Uncle Goose does replace up to 4 blocks at a time.

However, it is still to be noted that it is always good to keep your Uncle Goose Blocks away from pets, specifically dogs. They can literally tear wooden blocks into bits and pieces. Also, it is highly unsafe and unhygienic for your kid to be sharing the same Uncle Goose Blocks which your pet has bitten or eaten. 

Tip 2. Never take your Uncle Goose Blocks near water

We know how kids’ demands and tantrums can be while bathing. They of course at times want to carry their most loved toys to the bathroom (we loved it, too!). If this happens with your Uncle Goose Blocks please dry them off immediately. Blocks are a wonderful toy that will teach your child how to care for wooden toys. Extra care and attention goes a long way in preserving your wooden toys. Please keep them clean and dry at all times. 

Tip 3. Never leave your Uncle Goose Blocks unattended on the floor

Of course, that could cause a Humpty dumpty fall, just like those solid legos. Tripping and falling on these unattended Uncle Goose Blocks on the floor can cause major mishappenings. So be careful! Also, if there is a baby around in the house, your fall can actually hurt them. So it is always advisable to properly stack your Uncle Goose Blocks in a corner or a box. Keep them clean and tidy for durability and fun play. 

Tip 4. Never use Uncle Goose Blocks for anything other than learning!

Your child can easily throw these lightweight Uncle Goose Blocks at each other. Saving them from this unintentional yet harmful behavior is your responsibility. Teach them appropriately so that they do not unintentionally hurt anyone around them. No way should these be used as a weapon or tool to hurt anyone. Indeed, you can also teach them how to take care of their toys from the very start. 

Tip 5. Never let your kids chew on these Uncle Goose Blocks

Uncle Goose Blocks are indeed eye candy for the kids to chew and bite on! And, you would really not want that little one of yours to get hold of these drool-worthy Uncle Goose Blocks for chewing. Instead, get them some safe, hygienic teething toys. Beware, they can easily get these in their mouths causing teeth marks all over, hampering the Uncle goose Blocks right away. In fact, the soft basswood which composes these kid-friendly Uncle Goose Blocks can get damaged with constant teething marks and chewing.

Preserving your child’s favorite Uncle Goose Blocks is a must to be able to use them in the same, durable manner year on year. You must follow the ‘instructions of use’ mentioned on your Uncle Goose Blocks box for proper maintenance, quality upkeep, and long term use. In case, you do not have the box now, following the above must-not-do tips will suffice your purpose. 

So follow these 5 easy-peasy, must follow ‘never do these’ tips and tricks for taking care of your and your child’s favorite Uncle Goose Blocks.

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