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Jujijk Mi'kmaw Insects
Jujijk Mi'kmaw Insects

Jujijk Mi'kmaw Insects

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Do you realize the English language is noun-based, referring to people, places, and things? 

Jujijk, an illustrated bilingual guide to bugs and insects in Atlantic Canada, showcases the beautiful verb-based Mi’kmaw language. 

Featuring vibrant artwork and concise, fascinating descriptions, Jujijk will have you searching out “the one that looks like a little owl” (moth) and “the one that sings before she bites you” (mosquito).

Created to promote and preserve the Mi’kmaw language, this book includes a pronunciation guide, a Mi’kmaw-English matching game, and an abridged version of the Smith-Francis orthography.

Gerald Gloade is an artist, cultural educator and Mi'kmaw storyteller.

When you're driving across Nova Scotia you will also see his art on Department of Natural Resources interpretive signs and maps. 

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