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Quut Beach Set with Triplet
Quut Beach Set with Triplet

Quut Beach Set with Triplet

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Product ID:GP-224

What to take to the beach to play has never been easier! 

Now available as a Set, Quut Toys paired together this Triplet set to include:

  • 1 Triplet
  • 1 Flower Shaper
  • 1 Ringo (5 rings & 1 ball)

Triplet: This unique, multifunctional toy is easy and fun to use.

It’s part shovel, to help kids dig holes, build foundations and carve out moats. It’s part sand sifter, to help remove shells and other sediment, for smooth, shapeable sand.

And it’s part rake, to let kids create extra designs. 

The hollow handle can even be used as water funnel to finish off the coolest sandcastles ever with sand art!

Ring toss is made easy and fun with the Ringo.

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