Quut Beach Set with Ballo

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What to take to the beach to play has never been easier! 

Now available as a Set, Quut Toys paired together this Ballo set to include:

  • 1 Ballo
  • 1 set of cuppi & 1 ball
  • 1 heart shaper

BALLO: We know – it doesn’t even look like a bucket.

But your kids will use it like one, and that’s what makes the Ballo so unique. Its smart design and soft-touch finishing makes it easy to grab water, run up the beach and pour with ease.

Its spherical shape is also surprisingly stable, resulting in minimal spills. Carrying water from the sea to a sandcastle has never been this much fun.

Cuppi and ball becomes a fabulous game of catch and toss and will also help your sandcastle scooping.

Make tracks for the ball as you scoop our sand and see if the ball will follow along.

Alternately, use the handle of the cuppi with sand or water and the specifically engineered hole can move the elements through to be written with.

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