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This one-on-one consultation is available in store or in the privacy of your own home*. The fee includes instruction for one or both parents or caregivers.

This consultation is geared towards your individual needs and the topics will be determined once we understand your current level of understanding of babywearing. The time allotted for this consultation approximately 90 minutes. Additional time is available at a rate of $20 per hour.

Perhaps you are a beginner and you would like private instruction instead of attending our workshop in a group setting that is offered in our Intro to Babywearing Workshop. Maybe you are expecting a baby and you've been given a bunch of used carriers? Some of them you have heard of but others you may have no clue about. We are here to help you sort out belts, buckles, rings and fabric.

Maybe you are just looking to have some additional instruction in some of the following topics such as:

  1. Babywearing Tutorial - this is for those that are looking to gain a little more confidence in the use of their carrier. It is also for someone that may be starting babywearing again due to the birth of another child. Please bring your own carrier for this tutorial.
  2. Back Carries - Wondering if your little one is old enough to be carried on your back now and how to do it? Learn easy ways to move and position your baby on your back.
  3. Woven Wraps - Have you been wanting to learn how to use a woven wrap? You'll learn by tying basic wraps focusing on securing the position and maintaining safety. You can also request to learn how to convert your woven wrap with a set of rings or learn knots that help you progress in more versatile wearing.
  4. Tandem Carries - Do you have twins or two children that you wish to carry at the same time? We can show you how to do this safely and securely. 

Once you have booked this product you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a date and time. 

*In-home babywearing consultation is available in Halifax, Bedford and Dartmouth and within a 120km radius of Halifax. 

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