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Gracie, The Public Gardens Duck
Gracie, The Public Gardens Duck

Gracie, The Public Gardens Duck

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Gracie has a nice, comfortable life in the Halifax Public Gardens. Her days are full of swimming in lakes and fountains, napping in bushes, and gobbling up the delicious treats that the visitors to the park bring especially for her. Muffins, popcorn, and peanut butter sandwiches. Yum! Gracie loves the attention and the company she gets from people but she especially loves all the food. One day, however, Gracie’s favourite people stop giving her food. What’s happening? Why won’t anyone share their lunch? Aren’t they worried that she’ll starve? Despite her best efforts, Gracie’s turned away by all her food sources, and to fill up she has to turn to-well, duck food. And despite herself, she starts to enjoy it. Gracie, the Public Gardens Duck is a funny and sweet story, reminiscent of classic children’s literature, but with a modern heroine-one hungry duck in search of dinner!

Judith Meyrick is a freelance writer. Her published work includes humorous articles and book reviews. Presently her passion is children’s books. She received an honourable mention for two awards in the 2004 Atlantic Writing Competition. Judith’s home is in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Richard Rudnicki began drawing at a very young age, went on to study fine art and graphic design, and as an idealistic young man became resident artist with cuso. A short time later he started a graphic design firm, which grew into a successful company. In 1994 he sold his company and returned to drawing and painting, becoming a full-time visual artist. Richard lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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