Duo-Brite Insert by Bummis

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Duo-Brite Insert

  • a beautifully engineered, contoured fit

  • amazingly absorbent, but super trim under clothes

  • double-sided and versatile, the best of both worlds! "stay-dry" polyester on one side and soft organic cotton on the other (no need to buy two different inserts)

  • snaps perfectly inside our DUO-BRITE WRAP to create the amazing DUO-BRITE ALL-IN-TWO diaper

  • also fits well inside any of our other wraps - feel free to mix and match!
TIP! The mesh on the inside of the insert helps with faster drying, but is not the same as the "stay dry" polyester on the outside of the insert. Need to identify the polyester vs the cotton side?  The cotton appears matte and the polyester has a silky appearance.

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