Available in green or pink 250ml
Available in green or pink 250ml

Comotomo Natural Feel Bottle

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Solving WHY choosing a bottle is so difficult, meet the Comotomo! A soft and squeezy silicone bottle with a super-wide mound and naturally shaped nipple. Amazingly, babies are born knowing how to latch and suckle. The Comotomo takes this into consideration and makes bottle transition easy. Most bottles simply aren’t anything like mommy.

Other impressive features:

  • 100% medical grade hygienic silicone, one of the safest materials you can find for a bottle.
  • Two nipple vents to completely eliminate unnecessary air intake.
  • We love the way this bottle can spray out milk much like a real breast. It was a winner amongst doulas and lactation consultants we shared it with at Nurtured.
  • Easy to clean! 2.55" wide opening and dishwasher safe makes the need for a bottle brush disappear!

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