What is your buying policy?

Nurtured strives to provide safe, natural, and environmentally sustainable products for our families and yours. When selecting products to stock in our store, we first look locally, provincially, and nationally before going abroad.

Preference is given to companies that use organically grown products (cotton, herbs, skin care ingredients) and to companies that use recycled material and/or packaging and/or are powered by renewable energy sources.

We work with a number of very small businesses - in some cases only one person, to provide our customers with unique products not found everywhere else.

We do not take items on consignment.

No product containing PVC or melamine is sold in our store or on our website. Plastic products are kept to a minimum. In the event that plastic cannot be avoided, preference is given to polypropylene (PP #5), a very stable plastic not known to leach toxins or silicone, a plastic derived from silicon, a naturally occurring mineral (it is not hydrocarbon-based as other plastics are).

Skin care products must not contain parabens or other known estrogen-mimicking chemicals, all skin care products should contain ingredients generally regarded as safe and all products will have been checked against the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database for potential risks.

All baby carrier and diaper manufacturers are required to carry liability insurance in an amount concurrent with the industry norm.