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Bumbleride Era Stroller - Dawn Grey
Bumbleride Era Stroller - Dawn Grey

Bumbleride Era Stroller - Dawn Grey

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Product ID:ST-251-DG

Meet the new definition to a city stroller. 

The Bumbleride Era features an infant-safe, reversible seat to bond with your precious cargo until they’re ready to adventure facing forward.

Bumby terrain becomes a smooth ride with the Bumbleride Era. Keep your napping passenger asleep with all-wheel suspension and air-filled tires. 

With its small footprint, maneuvering tight spaces is stress-free and easy. 

Plus, growing kids are no problem with the seat’s extra-long footwell. 

Era has a quick, compact fold, auto lock and standing stow – so you can save space and keep moving.

In keeping with Bumbleride’s eco-focused manufacturing, Era includes an adjustable handlebar made of all-natural cork. 

This means it is durable, ergonomic, non-toxic and 100% sustainable. 

Bumbleride’s Eco Fabrics are made with 100% recycled PET and certified free from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX.

Features you'll love include:

  • Adjustable, non-toxic cork handle with safety strap.
  • Quick, compact fold, auto lock + standing stow.
  • Reversible seat, can recline down to flat position with adjustable footrest (in both directions).
  • Infant compatible without attachments, option to add Infant Car Seat Adapter or Bassinet (both sold separately).
  • Extra room to grow with long seat and foot-well.
  • Secure foot brake. Flip-flop friendly.
  • Air-filled tires and all wheel suspension.
  • UPF 45+ canopy with pop-out extension for extra coverage + air vents.
  • Eco-fabrics free from harmful chemicals including lead, PVC, fire retardants, phthalates and polyurethane foam (100% rPET + OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified).
  • One-handed backrest recline.
  • Machine washable seat fabrics + canopies (all removable).
  • Oversize cargo basket, accessible from both sides with storage pocket for air pump (included).

  • Stroller Weight: 27 lbs.
  • Frame: 20 lbs.
  • Seat: 7 lbs.
  • Capacity: 55 lbs.
  • Standing/Unfolded: 32.5”L x 24.5”W x 40.5”H
  • Folded with seat: 29.5”L x 24.5”W x 13”H 
  • Folded w/out seat: 29.5”L x 24.5”W x 12”H 
  • Folded: w/o rear wheels: 29.5"L x 20.75"W x 10.75"H
  • Upright fold: 30”L x 24.5”W x 13”H
  • Handle range: 26”-44.5”H
  • Wheel size: 8.5” Front x 11.5” Rear (air tires with inner tube)
  • 360 degree front swivel wheels with in-line lock option.
Seat Dimensions:

  • Seat: 9.5”L x 12.5”W
  • Backrest (seat to top of backrest): 19.5”L x 13”W
  • Canopy (seat to top of canopy): 25"H
  • Footrest: 12”L x 13”W
  • Shoulder width: 13"W
  • Seat to knee: 9.5"L
  • Knee to footrest: 12"L
  • Width at knee: 13"W
Car seat adapters available:

Sustainability matters to Bumbleride. 

Read more about what they’re doing here

Eco is not a trend. Manufacturing can be a dirty business so we seek out suppliers that are innovating to save energy, conserve water and reduce pollution in landfills.

The textiles, aluminum and plastics that make up Bumbleride products are carefully chosen:

  • Durability
  • Safety
  • Function
  • Environmental impact

All Bumbleride fabrics are OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I certified free from harmful chemicals. 

Bumbleride products are free from Fire Retardants (except in UK where required by law), Lead, Phthalates, BPA, Polyurethane Foam, PVC, Vinyl, Formaldehyde, Chlorine, PFCs & PFASs (PFOA/PFOS) and many more harmful chemicals.

Bumbleride fabrics are made from 100% recycled PET (post-consumer plastic water bottles, rPET, polyethylene terephthalate). 

As a company this means Bumbleride has upcycled over 1 million bottles into our fabrics since 2011. 

In addition, our black colorways use an innovative dye process that conserves approximately 25-40 gallons of water per stroller. This dye process not only reduces water use, but also pollution. 

Bumbleride has proudly been using the same family-run factory in Taiwan since the beginning, helping the company to stay closely involved with the production process. 

In 2020, after much research to find an alternative to C6 water repellents, a PFC free water repellant came available that replaces these chemicals with a plant based oil to ensure the utmost safety for baby and planet. This DWR continues to provide outstanding waterproof performance and will last through many machine washes (spot washing with mild soap and water recommended to reduce environmental impact). In 2018, Bumbleride moved from a C-8 fluorocarbon-based durable water repellent (DWR) treatment to a C-6 treatment, which breaks down faster in the environment with less potential toxicity to living things over time.

What is Recycled PET (rPET)?

PET is polyethylene terephthalate (plastic water bottles), considered a greener option in textiles today for a few reasons:

  • Various studies all agree that it uses anywhere from 35-53% less energy to make recycled polyester than it does to make virgin polyester.
  • Bumbleride's use of this fabric keeps bottles out of landfills and reduces use of raw/virgin materials.
  • rPET is cited as producing far fewer emissions to the air than does the production of virgin polyester: again estimates vary, but Libolon’s website introducing its new RePET yarn put the estimate at 54.6% fewer CO2 emissions (source).

What is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, Class I?

It is of the utmost importance that Bumbleride's products are produced with non-toxic materials. 

The OEKO-TEX Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for fabrics, which evaluates every stage of production. Class I is the strictest of the test classes and applies to products for babies and toddlers up to 3 years of age. 

Learn more

What is TPR?

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), has replaced the foam in our handlebars excluding Era which features 100% cork. TPR is durable, recyclable and uses less energy to produce.

Why Cork?

  • Durable & Anti-microbial
  • 100% Sustainable & Renewable
  • Naturally Waterproof & Non-toxic
  • Non-slip, Ergonomic Grip

Learn more about cork.

Organic Cotton Collection

The addition of the 100% Organic Cotton Collection at Bumbleride is pretty exciting! This allows Bumbleride to keep to simplicity and functionality by only manufacturing items that are needed nothing you don’t. Small choices make a big impact. Did you know producing organic cotton uses 71% less water, 62% less energy and has less impact on the air than conventional cotton?

Bumbleride's organic collection is for those who prefer a gentler option for sensitive skin or want extra cushion and support for little ones on the go. We are proud this organic collection is GOTS certified; free of pesticides and harmful chemicals. 

Bumbleride Safety Certifications  ASTM-F833 (US) ; SOR-85-379 (Canada) ; EN-1888 (Europe) ; AS/NZS-2088 (Australia / New Zealand)

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