Ameda XL Flanges

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XL size: 32.5mm

Research has shown one-third or more new mothers pump more comfortably and effectively with a larger flange! When do you need a larger flange size? If you feel discomfort when pumping, even on low suction, or pump less milk than you believe you should.

One way to know you need a larger flange is if pumping hurts, even on low suction. But there are other ways to tell. You can, for example, measure your nipple. If your nipple at rest is as wide as a US nickel (22 mm) or larger, you likely need a larger size. But even if your nipple is smaller than a nickel, you might still need a different flange size because the breast changes as you pump.

You know you have a good flange fit when you can see space around your nipple. If your nipple always rubs along the flange sides, it is too tight. A tight fit squeezes the milk ducts and slows milk flow. Rubbing may cause pain, and friction can even break the skin.

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