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The Breastfeeding Book

The Breastfeeding Book

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How would you like to give your baby a gift that could raise his IQ by 10 points; cut medical bills; make your baby's eyes, heart, intestines, and nearly every other organ work better; reduce the risk of life-shortening, debilitating diseases, such as diabetes; and help your baby avoid many of the common complaints of infancy, such as ear infections, tummy upsets, even diaper rash? What's the magic gift that can do all these things? Your milk!

Breastfeeding will make it easier to care for your baby, and it will make it easier for you to know and understand your baby. It will affect the way you listen to your child, the way you communicate, the way you respond for many years to come....

In the early days of learning to breastfeed, there may be times when you feel like tossing in the nursing bra and reaching for a bottle. You may be tempted to believe those advisers who suggest that formula feeding is easier, or just as good. Or, you may worry that you're "not the type" of mother who succeeds at breastfeeding. Yet, when you remember how breastfeeding benefits your baby, your family, and yourself, you will find the determination you need to overcome any obstacles and master the womanly art of breastfeeding.

From America's foremost baby and childcare experts the new breastfeeding bible for nursing mothers.

In recent years there has been a tremendous resurgence of interest in breastfeeding as American women have discovered its unparalleled benefits to both mother and child. Yet first-time mothers often lack the support and the knowledge they need to breastfeed successfully. And books on breastfeeding frequently fail to address the practical challenges that confront many women (especially women who work outside the home)when they choose to breastfeed.

For today's nursing mothers, The Breastfeeding Book is a godsend with comprehensive, reassuring, authoritative information on:

  • how to get started, with illustrated tips for getting your baby latched on properly
  • increasing your milk supply
  • making nurturing more comfortable
  • breastfeeding in absentia
  • pumps and the new technology associated with breastfeeding
  • making sure your nursing baby gets the proper nutrition
  • breast milk vs. formula
  • breastfeeding and fertility
  • nutrition and fitness while breastfeeding
  • nighttime breastfeeding
  • the father's role in breastfeeding
  • and much more...

Taking a realistic, contemporary approach, the Searses bring an age-old practice completely up to date. Their encyclopedic guide to the art and science of breastfeeding enables all women to experience and enjoy one of nature's most rewarding relationships.

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