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Q for Quinn Mix and Mismatch Socks - Blair's Mix (Child)

Q for Quinn Mix and Mismatch Socks - Blair's Mix (Child)

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Picture this:

You’re rushing to get your kids out of the house. You’re already late. You cannot be late again.

It’s taken forever (as usual), but everyone’s finally dressed. Last step: shoes. First shoe goes on without a hitch. Just one more and you’ll be on your way.

Maybe you’ll be on time after all. You grab that final shoe and… one bare foot. Ugh. Where is that other sock?

Now you’re definitely going to be late.

You frantically turn your house upside down looking for it. No luck. You try a mismatched pair. Doesn’t look right. Alright then — no socks it is.

Sound familiar? For our founder, Melita Cyril, that was a regular thing — whether it was due to losing socks in the laundry or her son kicking them off. Like any mom, she was constantly out of time and in a rush.

One evening, after lost socks had her running late to yet another dinner party, it hit her: What if there were socks that looked good together even when they don’t match?

The thought kept her up all night. Soon after, Q for Quinn was born. 

Quinn and Blair meet for some fun mixing and matching. Make those little feet pop with the bright, bold, colourful patterns in this collection.

Three pairs of socks, with nine possibilities! Made with certified organic combed cotton and seamless toes for unparalleled comfort. 


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