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Cloth Diaper Experience Program

Cloth Diaper Experience Program

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At Nurtured, we understand how daunting it can be to begin cloth diapering. Photos, descriptions, and online research are a wonderful starting point that we highly encourage, but it does not replace trying a product to be sure it's the best fit for your baby and your family.

We are pleased to now offer Halifax area families a diaper tester program based on successful diaper rental programs in Ottawa developed by Susie Pearson and Vancouver developed by Karen Randall of New and Green Baby Company (used with permission).

The Nurtured Cloth Diaper Experience Program is designed to allow you to experience a variety of diaper styles and brands, along with accessory combinations to help you with your cloth diapering decisions.

The Nurtured Cloth Diaper Experience Program allows you to try cloth diapering for two weeks. At home, at the park, overnight, in the car, out shopping - two weeks allows you to experience a wide variety of situations with your cloth diapers.

How does the Nurtured Cloth Diaper Experience Program work?

Your rental period will last two weeks and the cost is $40. At the end of the program, you will receive a $10 gift card to use in our shop.

Based on your baby's age and weight, choose the diaper size that works for you: small (8-15 pounds) or medium (15-25 pounds). If you are booking based on your due date, please allow a minimum of 4-6 weeks after your due date before booking your small kit, as it is important that babies have reached at least 8 pounds and their umbilical site has healed.

The Nurtured Cloth Diaper Experience Program must be booked and paid in advance. Cancellations may be made up to two weeks in advance of your rental period for a full refund. Cancellations made less than two weeks prior to your start date are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

If a diaper kit is returned late, a $30 late fee will be applied.

What's included in the kit?

A wide selection of diapers - prefolds, fitted diapers, pocket diapers. You will also receive all of the accessories required including:

  • A medium waterproof tote bag to store your dirty diapers at home.
  • A small waterproof tote bag to store you’re out-and-about diapers.
  • A variety of liners, inserts and doublers.
  • Cloth wipes.
  • Laundry detergent.
  • Detailed care instructions.

Am I eligible to Participate?

The diapers and covers included in the Nurtured Cloth Diaper Experience Program have been used by other babies.

The diapers and covers will be provided to you clean and sanitized on the first day of your rental period.

The intention of the program is to provide a low-risk trial period with a variety of cloth diapers and is not to be used for any other purpose.

The rental period is two (2) weeks starting on a SATURDAY with a rental fee of $40.00 plus applicable tax payable prior to beginning your rental period.

IMPORTANT: You must have a smoke free home to participate in this program. If there are smokers in your home, including individuals who smoke outside, you are not eligible for this program.

You will be provided with detailed care, use, storage and washing instructions for your cloth diapers and covers including laundry detergent. It is imperative that you follow these instructions and use the detergent provided to wash the diapers.

Failure to follow the care and washing instructions may compromise the performance and/or condition of the diaper. If a diaper is lost or damaged (bleached, broken elastics, broken fasteners, rips in the fabrics or stains on the fabric that are non-biological), you will be responsible for replacing the item at the retail cost plus applicable taxes.

At the end of your rental period, the diapers and accessories must be returned to the Nurtured retail shop clean and dry as per the included care instructions. Please ensure that no hair (human or pet) or lint is caught in the Velcro-style fasteners. All diapers and accessories will be inspected for damage.

When picking up your rental kit, you will be required to leave a credit card number which will be authorized. Your cheque and/or credit card information will be returned to you when the rental kit is returned to Nurtured in proper condition.

IMPORTANT: The rental kits must be returned to the Nurtured retail shop, located at 2571 Robie Street two weeks from the beginning of your rental period. Failure to return kit on time will result in a $30.00 late fee.

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