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Beco Toddler Carrier - Scribble

Beco Toddler Carrier - Scribble

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Product ID:BC-137-SC
Introducing Beco's roomiest of options, now avaialble in their best selling styles. This carrier is built for big kids of 18 months and beyond. The Beco Toddler is THE hard-working carrier you can count on every single day.

Weight range is 20 - 60 lbs. 

Built-in waist belt pocket and toy ring complete the package. Snap-on hood and zipper clutch included.

The most common response to seeing a Toddler carrier: "but aren't they big enough to walk?" If you're a parent, you know that sometimes toddlers and big kids need a little extra love too. 

Whether your child has special needs, or you just keep hearing, "I'm tired - I can't walk anymore"... that's the moment when this carrier shines.

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