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Beco Toddler Carrier - Cool Navy

Beco Toddler Carrier - Cool Navy

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Product ID:BC-137-CN

Beat the heat with a breathable 3D mesh liner and vented panel for better airflow. Defend against the sun and stay dry with moisture wicking SPF 50 performance fabric shell.

Outside Shell: Navy
Liner/Panel: White 3D Mesh.

100% Cotton.

Package includes:

  • Toddler carrier
  • Snap-on Hood
  • Snap-on Bag
Introducing Beco's roomiest of options, now avaialble in their best selling styles. This carrier is built for big kids of 18 months and beyond. The Beco Toddler is THE hard-working carrier you can count on every single day.

Weight range is 20 - 60 lbs. 

Built-in waist belt pocket and toy ring complete the package. Snap-on hood and zipper clutch included.

The most common response to seeing a Toddler carrier: "but aren't they big enough to walk?" If you're a parent, you know that sometimes toddlers and big kids need a little extra love too. 

Whether your child has special needs, or you just keep hearing, "I'm tired - I can't walk anymore"... that's the moment when this carrier shines.

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