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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

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Part Number:TE-010
Nurtured has been selling this all natural teething remedy for babies for years. Genuine Baltic amber is the one of the oldest and most esteemed types of amber worldwide.

How does amber work to help with teething pain?

The body's temperature warms the amber, which releases the healing oils through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Amber is known to boost the immune system, speed up the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach infections and respiratory disease. It works well for babies because it's a non-intrusive method to treat the pain of teething.

Please note that the necklaces may not be exactly as pictured.

An appropriate length of teething necklaces is (approx 12" or 32 cm) to ensure the majority of children shouldn't be able to fit the necklace in their mouth while it's been worn.

These teething necklaces have been designed to ensure the safety of your child by knotting before and after each bead so in the event that the necklace does break (it will break if excessive force is applied) only one bead will come off and the remaining beads will stay intact. The clasp is made from an amber/plastic, with a plastic screw mechanism. We encourage parents to exercise diligence when using this product. Please supervise your baby at all times. We often suggest that parents wrap the necklace around the ankle of the baby when unattended in the crib. Placing a sock over it will keep it close to the skin and away from baby. 

Amber necklaces can be worn by children aged between 3 months to 2 years of age - which is about the time baby teething stops. In fact, getting your baby used to wearing an amber necklace from a young age is a good idea as the earlier the baby starts with the necklace, the easier it becomes a part of them. They are so used to it being there, that they don’t pay attention to it by pulling on it or attempting to bite it.

These teething necklaces have been specifically designed for babies and are therefore very durable. With the right care, your necklace should last until your child has finished teething and beyond. Older children may enjoy wearing the necklace for its pretty, fashionable style and calming properties.

  • The thread is knotted after each bead, if the necklace should break the beads will not scatter everywhere.
  • All beads used are small enough to be swallowed but not pose a choking hazard.
  • Teething necklaces should be removed when baby is sleeping or unattended.
  • Amber necklaces are made for wearing, not for chewing! Amber will crack and break under too much pressure.
  • Please use caution and supervise your child while using the necklace.

Jessica says, "for teething, our Baltic Amber Teething Necklace seems to be doing the trick so far and it looks so pretty, even on a boy."

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